White Hart Inn

Long Causeway


1835 26 June - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Peterborough Annual Wool Fair


Innkeepers of the City of Peterborough, respectively acquaint our friends and the public generally that at the first Meeting on the intended Annual Wool Fair, to be holden on SATURDAY the 11th of JULY next, Ordinaries will be provided and every attention paid at the houses occupied by the Innkeepers.  Also convenient and suitable places will be provided for Gentlemen wishing to deposit their unsold Wool.


John Pheasant, White Hart


White Hart longcauseway-a

1841 Pigot's Directory

White Hart, Geo. Gentle, Long Causeway


1851 census - Long Causeway, Peterborough  **


Thomas Garratt Head Married 31 (1820) Publican born Peterborough

Elizabeth Garratt Wife Married 36 (1815) born Kirton, Lincs

Sarah Ann Garratt Daughter 8 (1843) scholar born Peterborough

John Garratt Son 6 (1845) scholar born Peterborough

Betsey Garratt daughter 4 (1847) born Peterborough

Mary Jane Garratt daughter 1 (1850) born Peterborough

Hannah Read Visitor married 38 (1813) Miller's Wife born Kirton, Lincs

Elizabeth Read Servant unmarried 19 (1832) General Servant born Kirton, Lincs

Mary Ann Read Visitor 16 (1835) born Kirton, Lincs

Francis Chargios Servant unmarried 46 (1805) Outdoor Servant (Agricultural Labourer born France

Joseph Welsh Visitor unmarried 36 (1815)  born Dublin, Ireland

Levi Strauss Visitor unmarried 50 (1801) born Germany


1854 - Post Office Directory

White Hart, T. Garratt, Long Causeway, Peterborough


Note: In 1861 Thomas Garratt was Innkeeper at the White Hart Inn, Lincoln Road, Peterborough

1861 census - White Hart, Long Causeway, East side, Peterborough  **


Robert Weller Head Married 40 (1821) Inn Keeper born Whitchurch, Devon

Amelia Weller Wife Married 40 (1821) born Stamford, Lincs

John Jones visitor unmarried 23 (1838) Coal Merchant born Oundle, N'ptonshire

Jane Smiths visitor unmarried 27 (1834) Housemaid born York, Yorks

William Hipwell Servant unmarried 47 (1814) Ostler born Peterborough

Emma Waldin Servant unmarried 16 (1845) House Servant born Etton, N'ptonshire

1871 census - White Hart, 36 Long Causeway, Peterborough  **


Edward Shrive Head Married 50 (1821) Inn Keeper born Kettering, N'ptonshire

Eleanor Shrive Wife Married 49 (1822) Inn Keeper born Whittlesey, Cambs

Charles Edward Shrive Son 12 (1859) scholar born Longthorpe, N'ptonshire

Martha Shrive Daughter 11 (1860) scholar born Longthorpe, N'ptonshire

Charlotte Shrive Daughter 9 (1862) scholar born Longthorpe, N'ptonshire

Francis Shrive Brother to Head unmarried 52 (1819) Agent born Kettering, N'ptonshire

Henry Gilbert Servant 14 (1857) Ostler born Tallington, Lincs

Edward Paul Louis Marlier Lodger unmarried 28 (1843) Hairdresser born St. Quintin, France

George Bullin Lodger married 48 (1823) Commercial Traveller born Carlisle, N'thumberland

Frederick Jack Lodger married 39 (1832) Commercial Traveller born London, Middx

1874 Peterborough Directory

White Hart, 36 Long Causeway, Peterborough - Edward Shrive

1881 census - White Hart Inn, Long Causeway,  Peterborough **


Edward Shrive Head Married 60 (1821) Inn Keeper born Kettering, N'ptnshire

Annie Shrive Wife Married 35 (1846) born Grimstone, Yorks

Martha Shrive Daughter single 21 (1860) born Longthorpe, N'ptonshire

Charlotte Shrive Daughter single 19 (1862) born Longthorpe, N'ptonshire


1899 31 May - Peterborough Advertiser

WHITE HART Long Causeway Peterborough Advertiser 3

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1901 census - White Hart Inn, Long Causeway, Peterborough  **


William Hall Head Married 28 (1873) Publican Employer at Home born London, Middx

Annie Hall Wife Married 28 (1873) born Stanground, Hunts

Kate Huffer Servant single 18 (1883) Barmaid born Deeping St James, Lincs

Mary Basketter Servant Widow 25 (1876) Domestic Servant born Helpringham, Lincs

Reuben Green Servant single 15 (1886) Domestic Servant (General Help) born Walton, N'ptonshire

Note: In 1891 John Thurston was a Licenced Victualler at the Swiss Cottage, Bread Street, Fletton, Peterborough with his wife Elizabeth & three children.

1891 census  - Long Causeway, Peterborough  **


Edward Shrive Head Married 70 (1821) Publican born Kettering, N'ptonshire

Annie Shrive Wife Married 44 (1847) born North Grimston, Yorks

Arthur Shrive Son 9 (1882) born Peterborough

Frank Shrive Son 7 (1884) born Peterborough

Alice Shrive Daughter 4 (1887) born Peterborough

Emma Lattimore Servant single 18 (1873) born Oakham, Rutland

Ellen Wilson Servant single 14 (1877) born Cambridge, Cambs


1906 Kelly's Directory

White Hart, William Hall, 36 Long Causeway, Peterborough

1911 census - White Hart, Long Causeway, Peterborough (8 rooms)  **


William Hall Head Married 38 (1873) Publican Employer born London

Annie Maria Hall Wife Married 38 (1873) born Stanground

Eva Lavinia Hall Daughter 9 (1902) Peterborough

Ada Jane Camm Servant single 20 (1891) Servant born Deeping St James

Francis Holmes Servant single (female) 23 (1888) Barmaid born Boston

Edith Smith Servant single 23 (1888) Barmaid born Holbeach

Tom Smith Servant single 19 (1892) Boots born Boston

1914 Kelly's Directory

White Hart, William Hall, 36 Long Causeway, Peterborough


1925 Kelly's Directory

White Hart, William Hall, Long Causeway

1889 23 August – Peterborough Advertiser

Heading: Town Council at work (The White Hart)



The Surveyor subnmitted plans which had been deposited by Messrs. Allsopp's for alterations to the White Hart Inn, Long Causeway.  It was proposed, he said, to make a long bar, similar to that proposed on the opposite side of the street at the Salmon and Compasses.  The dwelling-house would be on the first floor.  The bar would encroach somewhat on the present passage.

Mr. Foote: How wide is the passage now.

The Surveyor: Seven feet, six inches.  They propose to make it about four feet.  When altereed, the premises would be very much better than they are at present.  The stables at the back would be pulled down, and a smoke room erected at the end of the long bar.

The Mayor: Does the alteration interfere with the open space at the back?

The Surveyor: The stables there are substituted by another building.

Mr. Winfrey: Are there any side on back doors.

The Surveyor: Side doors leading into the bar; no back doors.

Mr. Beeby: Is the passage common to any other premises.

The Surveyor: No sir.

The Mayor: What about the sanitary arrangements.

The Surveyor: They are improved from what they are at present.

Mr. Whitsed: I propose we pass the plans.

The Surveyor: The building projects considerably in front of an adjoining house; it is a question whether a street improvement could be effected there.

The Mayor: I do not think we could do that.

The plans were then passed unanimously.


1956 13 April - Peterborough Advertiser


"BARMAN full or part time required for White Hart, Long Causeway, Peterborough."

1830 Pigot's Directory

White Hart, William Knibb, Long Causeway

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