Squire's Brewery

Lincoln Road (Boroughbury)


William Squire was baptised at St. John's Church, Peterborough on 11 September 1750 (second son of Wright & Ann Squire).


On 16 June 1771 William married Agnes Ellis at St. James, Paddington, Middlesex.

William's wife Agnes died in 1780 & her burial was held at St. John's Church on 26th April (assume she died in childbirth).


They had one daughter also named Agnes who was baptised on 7 June 1780 at St. John's Church, Peterborough & her burial was carried out at the same church on 17 April 1793, (age 13).


William was buried on 4 August 1826 at St. John's, age 76.  His estate was left to his elder brother's younger son, William Walcot Squire.


Note: In the Lady Chapel of St. John's Church there is a memorial to William Squire showing him with his wife on a medallion, a graceful figure representing Grief leaning on an urn.














1838 28 April - Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

Heading: Peterborough

1838 SQUIRES BREWERY  Cambridge Chronicle & Journa

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1836 1 April - Cambridge Chronicle & Journal

1836  William Squire to Samuel Buckle Cambridge Ch

1837 28 July - Stamford Mercury



"Lot .  All that Piece or Parcel of Building Ground, situate in Westgate, Peterborough aforesaid, as the same is now staked out, having a frontage of 30 feet (more or less) towards Westgate, and 103 feet (or thereabouts) towards North-street, extending 27 feet and a half on the North, and there bounded by a Granary belonging to Mr. Buckle.



1899 31 May - Peterborough Advertiser

Heading: Squire's Brewery


"At the end of Westgate stood another large brewery, extending from North-street to Lincoln-road corner, and along Boroughbury as far as the Masonic Hall; this was Squire's Brewery.  The malting portion of this firm has lately been demolished to make room for the new Liberal Club buildings.  Soon after the brewery was sold and the ground built upon, a wooden building was erected by Mr. T. Richmond, close to what is now North-street, to be used as Bridges' Circus, which was opened at Christmas and kept open for several weeks with great success."



1899 7 June - Peterborough Advertiser

Heading: More of the Famous Breweries of Peterborough


"I think too, a mistake is made as to Squire's brewery at the top of Westgate.  The place where the new Liberal Club is building, was a malting belonging to Mr. Buckle.  Mr father worked in it for 19 years, and it occupied all the space that is now being built upon, and it used to have an entrance from North Street, and the chamber for screening the malt was where a newspaper office now is.  Squire Tomblins had stables where now Messrs. Hayward and Co's ironmongers are, so I venture to think there were no breweries there.  But Mr. Squire's brewery was in Broad Bridge Street where Messrs. Robertson's cycle shop now stands.  I hope, Sir, you will not think I am in any way antagonistic to your "Old Resident," but I thought these few remarks might have escaped his memory.

Yours truly,




1826 25th August - Stamford Mercury




ALL persons who stand indebted to the Joint Estate of WILLIAM SQUIRE, of Peterborough, in the County of Northampton, Esquire, deceased, and his late copartners, WILLIAM WILCOT SQUIRE, and CHRISTOPHER JEFFERY, trading under the firm of "Squire and Co," either in the Wine and Brewing or Mercantile businesses, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts, without delay, at the respective Counting-houses of Messrs. Squire and Co., in Peterborough aforesaid. - And all persons who have any claim or demand against the said Wm. Squire, deceased, and his said copartners, are desired to send the particulars thereof to Messrs. Squire & Co, immediately, in order that the same may be examined, and (if correct) discharged. - By order of the Executors and the Surviving Partners,

JOHN GATES, their Solicitor, Peterborough, 15th August 1826.

N.B, The above businesses in all their branches will continue to be carried on by Messrs. W.W. Squire and C.Jeffery, under the firm of "Squire and Co., (one concern).