Princess Victoria Lodging House

St. John's Street



1852 11 September - Cambridge Independent Press

Heading: Licensing Meeting in Peterborough


Edward Deacon applied for a license to his house, the Princess Victoria in Boongate.  The house is only five doors off the Duke of Wellington Inn.  Refused.




1861 census - Garden Row, St Mary's, Peterborough **


Edward Carter Head Married 45 Carpenter born Ailsworth, N'ptonshire

Sarah Carter Wife Married Carpenter's wife born Stanground Huntingdonshire

Edward Carter Son 4 scholar born Peterborough

1857 19 June - Stamford Mercury


QUEEN VICTORIA possibly Boongate re death of Mrs Deacon landlady Stamford Mercury 19.6.1857

1851 census - Boongate, Peterborough **


Edward Deacon Head Married 60 (1791) Bricklayer born Dogsthorpe, N'ptonshire

Sarah Deacon Wife Married 60 (1791) born Yaxley, Hunts


(Enumerator's schedule - All that part of the Parish of Peterborough comprising Boongate from the next house after the Wellington Public House to Tabor's Corner)........

1861 26 April - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Legal & Public Notices


"A petition of Edward Carter, carpenter & joiner and then resident at a house known as Princess Victoria in Boongate, Peterorough, as an Insolvent Debtor"

1871 census  - (not listed) St John's Street, Peterborough **


John Ward Head Married 52 (1820) Grocer & Publican (Princess Victoria Lodging House Keeper) born Eye, N'ptonshire

Sarah Ward Wife Married 41 (1830) born Thurlby, Lincs

Susannah Brightman Neice 12 (1859) born Thurlby, Lincs

(incl. 21 lodgers)

1874 Peterborough Directory

Ward John, St John's Street

1881 census - (not listed) St John's Street, Peterborough **


John Ward Head Married 61 (1820) Beerhouse Keeper born Eye, N'ptonshire

Sarah A Ward Wife Married 51 (1830) born Thurlby, Lincs

William Simpson Wife's Father widower 78 born Haddon, Hunts

(incl. 2 domestic servants & 65 lodgers)




1887 30 April - Northampton Mercury

Princess Victoria Beer House Common Lodging House

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1891 census - Princess Victoria Licenced Lodging House 44 St John's Street, Peterborough **


Benjamin Hill Head Married age 36 (1855) Licenced Victualler and Lodging House Keeper born Nottingham

Susannah Hill Wife Married 33 (1858) born Thurlby, Lincs

Ward Hill Daughter single 16 (1875) born Peterborough

John Hill Son 14 (1877) born Peterborough

Massey Hill Daughter 10 (1881) born Peterborough

Benjamin Hill Son 8 (1883) born Peterborough

Beatrice Hill Daughter 3 (1888) born Peterborough

Joseph Watts Lodger single 67 (1824) Cattle Drover born Easham, Cambs

Robert Ottley Lodger single 60 (1831) Cattle Drover born Barnaby, Hunts

John Palmer Lodger married 54 (1837) Labourer General born Peterborough

Robert Seaton Lodger single 32 (1859) Labourer General born Peterborough

William Simmons Lodger single 49 (1842) Painter born Hammersmith, Middx

George Winters Lodger widower 60 (1831) Shoemaker born Norwich

George Winters Lodger single 18 (1873) General Labourer born Peterborough

John Birchall Lodger single 38 (1853) Millwright born Leicester

Richard Birchall Lodger single 35 (1856) Millwright born Leicester

Harry Garfield single Lodger 30 (1861) Agricultural Labourer born Water Newton, Hunts

George Chapman Lodger single 32 (1859) Bricklayer's Labourer born Luton, Beds

George Manley Lodger single 55 (1836) Labourer General born Ramsey, Hunts

James Long Lodger single 40 (1851) Labourer General born Soame, Cambs

Joseph Badcock Lodger single 43 (1848) Labourer General born Soame, Cambs

George Jolley Lodger married 60 (1831) Hawker born Bugden, Beds

Susan Jolley Lodger married 60 born Bugden, Beds

John Cutrice Lodger single 44 (1847) Drover born Ramsey, Hunts

John Vielley Lodger single 44 (1847) Drover born Doddington, Isle of Ely

George Chapman Lodger married 33 (1858) Bricklayer's Labourer born Lincoln

May Chapman Lodger married 29 born Lincoln

William J Herron Lodger single 25 (1866) Labourer born York

Walter Spooner Lodger single 40 (1841) Labourer born Lynn, Norfolk

Joseph Harvey Lodger single 28 (1863) Labourer born Middx

Harry Kirk Lodger single 50 (1841) Labourer born Sleaford, Lincs

James Williams Lodger single 50 (1841) Labourer born Cambridge

1894 Q2 Death of Benjamin Hill in Peterborough aged 39 Vol: 3b Page: 117


1897 Q3 Joseph James Boon married Susannah Hill in Spalding, Lincs Vol: 7a Page: 821

1901 census - Boons Lodging House, St John's Street, St Mary, Peterborough **


Joseph James Boon Head Married 30 (1871) Coal Carter & Common Lodging House Keeper & Tavern Keeper Own Account born Peterborough

Susannah Boon Wife Married 40 (1831) Worker at Home born Thurlby, Lincs

Jane Ellen Boon Daughter 2 (1869) born Peterborough

Benjamin Hill Step Son single 17 (1854) Carpenter born Peterborough

Beatrice Hill Step Daughter 15 (1856) born Peterborough

Arthur Hill Step Son 12 (1859) born Peterborough

Percy Hill Step Son 10 (1861) born Peterborough

Mary Hill Step Daughter 8 (1863) born Peterborough

Ernest Hill Step Son 6 (1865) born Peterborough

James Long Lodger single 52 (1819) General Labourer born Soham, Norfolk

Joseph Badcock Lodger single 52 (1819) General Labourer born Burwell, Norfolk

Albert Law Lodger married 43 (1828) Butcher own account born Crowland, Lincs

Henry Garfield Lodger single 44 (1827) General Labourer born Sibson, N'ptonshire

Tom Smith single 43 (1828) Shoe Maker Own Account born London

Mary Jane Cummings Lodger married 61 (1810) Hawker born Newark on Trent, Notts

John Cummings Lodger single 15 (1856) General Labourer born Stamford, Lincs

George Smith Lodger single 59 1812) General Labourer born Watton, Norfolk

Tom Maynard Lodger widower 70 (1801) General Labourer born Thurning, N'ptonshire

Joseph Brown Lodger single 67 (1804) General Labourer born Farcet, Hunts

George Silk Lodger single 56 (1815) General Labourer born Manchester

James Watson Lodger single 67 (1804) General Labourer born March, Cambs

Robert Wooley Lodger single 56 (1815) General Labourer born Newborough, N'ptonshire

Jane Burton Servant single 20 (1851) Domestic Servant born Bourne, Lincs

1905 14 April - Stamford Mercury

JOSEPH BOON Stamford Mercury 14.4.1905 P'Boro Poli

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1911 census - Princess Victoria, St John's Street, Peterborough (14 rooms) **


William Goodale Head Married 56 (1885) Publican & Lodging House Keeper Own Account born Walpole St. Peter, Norfok

Mary Goodale Wife Married 55 (1856) Assisting in Business born March, Cambs

Thomas Goodale Son single 30 (1881) Engineer Naval Reserve born Walpole, Norfolk

Mary Goodale Daughter single 27 (1884) Domestic Servant Housemaid Lodging House born Walpole, Norfolk

Elizabeth Goodale Daughter single 26 (1885) Domestic Servant General born Walpole, Norfolk

Kate Goodale Daughter single 18 (1893) school born Gedney, Lincoln

Herbert Goodale Son 7 (1904) school born Leeds, Yorks

James Morley Visitor single 47 (1864) Bricklayer's Labourer born Bradford, Yorks

Thomas Rycroft Lodger widower 72 (1839) Old Age Pensioner born Peterborough

William Downs Lodger single 41 (1870) General Labourer born Guyhirn, Cambs

Arnold Amos Lodger single 62 (1849) Blacksmith born Swaddling Cote, Derby

William Palmer Lodger single 29 (1882) Groom Domestic born Peterborough

John Moody Lodger single 40 (1871) General Labourer born Skegness, Lincoln

Thomas Daws Lodger married 38 (1873) Pedlar born Lynn, Norfolk

Annie Daws Lodger married 34 (1877) born (not known) London

George McHarden Lodger single 52 (1859) Poultry Dealer born Spalding, Lincoln

Kristina Smith Lodger married 23 (1888) Pedlar born Boston, Lincoln

William Smith Lodger single 1 (1910) Infant born Peterborough

1914 - Kelly's Directory

Goodale Wm. St. John's Street, Peterborough

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