Mason's Arms

Wood Street


1851 census - New Town, Saint John the Baptist, Peterborough **


William Dear Head Married 58 (1793) Mason Journeyman born Huntingdonshire

Mary Dear Wife Married 49 (1802) Wife of Mason's Journeyman born Bucken, Hunts

Ellizabeth Dear Daughter unmarried 23 (1828) Dressmaker born Peterborough

Sarah Dear Daughter unmarried 15 (1836) at home born Peterborough

Charles Dear Son 13 (1838) scholar born Peterborough

Clara Dear Daughter 5 months (1851) born Peterborough

John Cluff Lodger unmarried 22 (1829) Carpenter Journeyman born Peterborough

1853 10 June - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Peterborough Election Committee

MASON'S ARMS 1853 Peterborough Election Committee

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1861 census - The Masons Arms, Workhouse Close Road, St John the Baptist, Peterborough **


John Baynes Head Married 41 (1820) Carpenter & Publican born Plately Bridge, Yorks

Elizabeth Baynes Wife Married 38 (1823) born Peterborough

Caroline Harvey Daughter in Law unmarried 6 (1855) Scholar born Peterborough

Martha Wallis Sister to Wife unmarried 29 (1832) Dressmaker born Peterborough

1871 census - 29 Wood Street, Peterborough **


John Baynes Head Married 50 (1821) Carpenter born Yorkshire

Elizabeth Baynes Wife Married 42 (1829) born Peterborough

Joseph Baynes Son 9 (1862) born Peterborough

John Baynes Son 6 (1865) born Peterborough

Henry Baynes Son 5 (1866) born Peterborough

Caroline Harvey Daughter 16 (1855) born Peterborough

George Baynes Nephew 15 (1856) Carpenter born Yorkshire

1874 - Peterborough Directory

Baynes John, 29 Wood Street

1881 census - 29 Wood Street, Peterborough **


John Baynes Head Married 60 (1821) Innkeeper born Peterborough

Elizabeth Baynes Wife Married 54 (1827) born Peterborough

Joseph Baynes Son single 18 (1863) Engineer's Clerk born Peterborough

John Baynes Son single 16 (1865) Builder's Apprentice born Peterborough

Henry Baynes Son single 14 (1867) Builder's Apprentice born Peterborough

John Hayes Lodger married 59 (1822) Malster born Lincolnshire

Samuel Hayes Lodger single 18 (1863) Railway Labourer born Grantham, Lincs

1890 Kelly's Directory

Baynes Mrs Elizh. Wood Street, Peterborough

1891 census - Mason Arms, 11 Wood Street, Peterborough **


Joseph Baynes Head Married 29 (1862) Publican born Peterborough

Annie Baynes Wife Married 25 (1866) born Leeds, Yorks

Florence Baynes Daughter 3 (1888) born Peterborough

Tom E Baynes Son 4 months (1891) born Peterborough

Ada Tamley Servant 13 (1878) General Servant born Crowland, Lincolnshire

1901 census - 11 Wood Street, Peterborough **


George E Chapman Head Married 43 (1858) Publican Own Account born Peterborough

Emma Chapman Wife Married 33 (1868) born Colwell, Herefordshire

George A Chapman Son 8 (1893) born India (British Subject)

William Harvey Boarder single 22 (1879) Carpenter born Ramsey, Hunts



1911 census - The Mason's Arms, Wood Street, Peterborough (9 rooms) **


Emma Chapman Head Widow 42 (1869) Beerhouse Keeper working on own account born Colwell, Herefordshire

George Arthur Chapman Son single 18 (1893) Pupil Teacher born Allahabad North West Provines E. India

John Charles Barritt Boarder married 27 (1884) Warehouseman Marine Stores born Northampton, N'ptonshire

Walter Kirk Boarder Married 36 (1875) Plumber born Welby, Lincolnshire

Walter Kirk Boarder 12 (1899) scholar born Grantham, Lincolnshire

1906 Kelly's Directory

Chapman Geo, 11 Wood Street, Peterborough

1914 Kelly's Directory

Chapman Mrs G. 11 Wood Street, Peterborough


1925 Kelly's Directory

Chapman Emma, Mason's Arms, Wood Street

1907 8 March - Stamford Mercury

Peterborough Licensing Sessions


"Mr Norris produced plans for certain structural alterations in connection with the Masons' Arms public house, and he believed objection had been taken to the fact of the cottage included in the Licence.  The tenant of that cottage had now been given notice to quit, and it was proposed to brick up the doorway from the cottage into the street, leaving only two doors instead of three to the public house.  It was also intended to convert the cottage into a club-room".


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The Mason's Arms is now buried beneath the Queensgate Shopping Centre which opened in 1981.