Grand Hotel

Wentworth Street


1861 census - Wentworth Hotel, Wentworth Street, Peterborough **


John Ellis Head Married 50 (1881) Builder & Hotel Keeper born Peterborough

Mary Ellis Wife Married 58 (1803) born Peterborough

Richard Ellis Son unmarried 21 (1840) General Dealer born Peterborough

Emma Ellis Daughter unmarried 18 (1843) born Peterborough

Robert Allen Boarder unmarried 3 (1828) Commercial Traveller born Birmingham, Warwicks

John Shendon Boarder married 41 (1820) Commercial Traveller born Rotherham, Yorks

Stephen Thompson Boarder married 30 (1831) Photographer born Rochester, Kent

Francis Redford Boarder married 45 (1816) Artist born Camden Town, London

George Tomlinsons Boarder unmarried 20 (1841) Man of the Clergy born Little Staughton, Hunts

Rachel Sutton Servant unmarried 34 (1827) Cook born Boro Fen, N'ptonshire

John Peacock Servant unmarried 28 (1833) Boots born Godmanchester, Hunts

Susan Hows Servant unmarried 21 (1840) born Dogsthorpe, N'ptonshire

Sarah Trufs Servant unmarried 17 (1844) Kitchen Maid born Peterborough

William Cooper Servant unmarried 16 (1845) Billiard Marker born Hemingford, Hunts

Patty Elderson Servant unmarried 19 (1842) Barmaid born Buckden, Hunts



GRAND HOTEL (Also known as Wentworth Hotel) 1971

1871 census - Wentworth Hotel, Wentworth Street, Peterborough **


John Bower Hart Head Married 49 (1822) Innkeeper born Sawtry, Huntingdonshire

Emma Hart Wife Married 28 (1843) born Peterborough

John Ellis Father married 62 (1809) Builder born Peterborough

Sarah Parrish Servant unmarried 30 (1841) Barmaid born Peterborough

Fanny Barsby Servant unmarried 40 (1831) Cook born Deeping, Lincs

Mary A Wyche Servant unmarried 27 (1844) Kitchen Maid born Crowland, Lincs

Elizabeth Storry Servant unmarried 20 (1851) Chamber Maid born London, Middx

William King Servant unmarried 14 (1857) Billiard Marker born Peterborough

Adam McMurtrie Visitor unmarried 28 (1843) Commercial Traveller born Scotland

1874 Peterborough Directory

Wentworth Hotel  (family & commercial), Wentworth Street, Peterborough - Charles Edward Craddock

1881 census - Wentworth Hotel, Peterborough  **


Joseph Pheasant Head Married 49 (1832) Licensed Victualler born Peterborough

Mary E Pheasant Wife Married 35 (1846) born Buckinghamshire

Caroline Howe Servant single 18 (1863) Barmaid Domestic Servant born Bletchley, Bucks

Estha Sutherland Servant single 19 (1862) Chambermaid Domestic Servant born Peterborough

Ann Flintoft Servant single 18 (1863) Kitchen Maid Domestic Servant born Newborough, N'ptonshire

Joseph Morris Servant single 19 (1862) Boots Domestic Servant born Whittlesey, Cambs

Edward G Coe Servant single 13 (1868) Under Boots Domestic Servant born Harrington, N'ptonshire

1890 Kelly's Directory

Grand Hotel, (Northampton Brewery Co Ltd), Wentworth Street, Peterborough

1891 census Grand Hotel, Wentworth Street, Peterborough **


Margaret C Smith Manageress Single 28 (1863) Manageress (Hotel) Employed born Berntisland, Fife, Scotland

Aitkin Smith Barmaid single 26 (1865) Barmaid born St John's Wood, London, Middx

Agnes R Hayman Barmaid single 20 (1871) Barmaid born Gloucestershire

Susannah E Pavey Housekeeper single 49 (1842) Housekeeper Domestic born Market Deeping, Lincs

Lettitia Fowler Servant single 23 (1868) Housemaid Head Domestic born Langtoft, Lincs

Rose Fowler Servant single 19 (1872) Under Head Domestic born Langtoft, Lincs

Ellen Day Servant single 28 (1863) Kitchenmaid Domestic born Dundee Forfarshire (Angus), Scotland

Line? Seeson Servant single 20 (1871) Waitress Domestic born Bourne, Lincs

Rachel Hesson Servant single 24 (1867) Hallmaid Domestic born Earith, Hunts

William Bates Servant single 21 (1870) Boots Head Domestic born Ashby de Zouch, Lincs

Joseph Moore Servant single 18 (1873) Boots Under Domestic born Bourne, Lincs

Sidney Hasset Visitor single 36 (1855) Hop Merchant born London, Middx


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Grand Hotel Globe 6.6.1891 advert

1901 census - Grand Hotel, 1 Wentworth Street, Peterborough  **


Mary A Hopwood Proprietoress Widow 35 (1866) Hotel Keeper Employer born London, Middx

Mary A Pearson Servant single 36 (1865) Barmaid born Hertfordshire

Ann E Bateman Servant single 24 (1877) Bookeeper born London, Middx

Frank O Taylor Visitor single 35 (1866) Stock Broker born London, Middx

Elizabeth Morris Servant single 25 (1876) Barmaid born Scotland

James Crowden Visitor single 31 (1870) Medical Profession born Wisbech, Cambs

Annie E Johnson Servant single 16 (1885) Pantry Maid born Peterborough

Rossetta Adams Servant single 18 (1883) Kitchen Domestic born Newport Pagnell, Bucks

Olive Brown Servant single 18 (1883) Waitress Domestic born Werrington, N'ptonshire

Alice Brown Servant single 19 (1882) Cook Domestic born Werrington, N'ptonshire

Elizabeth Brown Servant single 20 (1881) Waitress Domestic born Werrington, N'ptonshire

William O Millward Servant single 17 (1884) Boots born Derby, Derbys

Blanch Atkins Servant single 15 (1886) Scullery Maid Domestic born Peterborough

William O Onslow Servant single 22 (1879) Boots born Peterborough

Alice Fovarge Servant single 24 (1877) Chambermaid Domestic born Wisbech, Cambs

Kate Smith Servant single 23 (1878) Chambermaid Domestic born Cambridge, Cambs

Harriet E Atkins Servant single 17 (1884) Staff Maid born Lincoln, Lincs


1911 census Grand Hotel, Wentworth Street, Peterborough (49 rooms)  **


Frederick D Ballard Head Married 64 (1847) Hotel Keeper Employer born London

Elizabeth A Ballard Wife Married 43 (1868) born Preston, Lancs

Margaret A Walmsley Housekeeper single 39 (1872) born Adlington, Lancs

Clara Briggs Barmaid single 30 (1881) born Nottingham, Notts

Emma Wright Barmaid single 20 (1891) born Eye, N'ptonshire

George Plowright Head Boots single 25 (1886) born Benefield, N'ptonshire

George Walton Second Boots single 20 (1891) born Bassingham, Lincs

Arthur Hospital Under Boots single 20 (1891) born Elton, Hunts

George N Minn Billiard Marker single 17 (1894) born Peterborough

Ada Mee Commercial Waitress single 31 (1880) born Oakham, Rutlandshire

Annie Bird Coffee Room Waitress single 19 (1892) born Peterborough

Sarah R Clues Chambermaid single 24 (1887) born Yaxley, Hunts

Agnes Clark Housemaid single 16 (1895) born Peterborough

Fanny Bird Housemaid single 16 (1895) born Peterborough

Sybil Mee Pantry Maid 15 (1896) born Oakham, Rutlandshire

Caroline Brown Scullery Maid 17 (1894) born Stanground, Peterborough

Violet Newman Kitchen Maid 20 (1891) born Peterborough

Annie Gooderig Cook 43 (1868) born West Bromwich, Staffs

1891 6 June - Globe

1925 Kelly's Directory

Grand, Wentworth Street, F. W Jordan


Demolished in 1972.

1871 20 January - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Business Announcements

WENTWORTH HOTEL Stamford Mercury 20 Jan 1871 retir

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