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1873 19 December - Stamford Mercury

1871 census - Stanground, Peterborough **


Charles Freear Head Married 74 (1797) Barge Owner born Whittlesey, Cambs

Ann Freear Wife Married 71 (1800) born Whittlesey, Cambs

Emma Lucy Freear Grand daughter 15 (1856) born Wisbech, Cambs

James Grinn Servant Unmarried 40 (1831) Bargeman born March, Cambs

Thomas Smith Servant Unmarried 17 (1854) Bargeman born Stanground, Hunts

FERRY BOAT INN Stanground Stamford Mercury 19.12.1

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1877 22 September - Northampton Mercury


FIRES. - On Wednesday the Ferry Boat Inn and premises, at Stanground, the property of Mr. Freear, were burnt to the ground.

1881 census - Ferry Boat Inn, Stanground, Peterborough **


Ann Stimpson Head Widow 56 (1825) Innkeeper born Whittlesey, Cambs

Silvester Ward Servant single 18 (1863) General Servant born Peterborough


Note: Ann Stimpson was one of Charles Freear's daughters.  She married a Thomas Stimson at St. John's Church, Peterborough on 5 November 1844.

1861 census - Maltings, Stanground, Peterborough **


Charles Freear Head Married 64 (1797) Waterman & Inn Keeper born Whittlesey, Cambs

Ann Freear Wife Married 61 (1800) Waterman & Inn Keeper's Wife born Whittlesey, Cambs

Martha Freear Daughter unmarried 17 (1844) born Stanground

Mary Stimpson Grand daughter 15 (1846) Dressmaker born Peterborough

1878 9 November - Cambridge Independent Press



"FREEAR On October 26 at Stanground, Charles Freear age 82"

1889 2 November - Peterborough Advertiser

Heading: Boat Accident at Stanground. Two Women Rescued from Drowning


"Just at dusk on Saturday an accident occured at the Ferry Boat Landing Stage at Stanground, whereby two residents of the parish were in great danger of losing their lives, but were rescued by the gallant action of Mr. Jeremiah Freear.  Stanground is about two miles from Peterboro' Marketplace by road, but the journey is considerably reduced in going by river, and consequently numerous residents go by punt or boat to do their Saturday marketing.  On the occasion in question Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Briggs came to Peterboro' in that manner, and having laid out their money no doubt with consummate discretion, shortly after 5 o'clock betook themselves home again by water.  Accompanying them was one of their daughters and the multifarious parcels which made up the ladies' purchases for the week.  Everything went right with the voyagers until the landing stage at Stanground was reached.  The river was very high owing to the recent rains, and it was decided to land upon what is known as the horse bridge - a floating pontoon or bridge arrangement used for the purpose of transporting the barge horses to the reverse side of the stream.  The little girl got out first, and one by one the precious parcels were handed to her until a goodly stack was accumulated.  Then the ladies, possibly thinking

of the "cup o' tea" and the meal they had longed for all the journey more than their own safety, proceeded to get out.  This is how they did it.  Mrs. Ward, with the ingenuity peculiar to her sex, stretched out and laid hold of the flooring of the bridge.  The boat untethered gradually moved to the middle of the river, leaving the lady still grasping the bridge, and convincing her when alas too late that she must at all events get a ducking.  To jump on to the bridge was a matter of difficulty and to balance herself into the boat was an impossibility.  With womanly instinct she screamed.  This strange to say did not stop the boat, but brought to her assistance her companion, who clung with terror to her dress.  Gradually Mrs Ward fell out of the boat, and with her Mrs. Briggs.  Both were now struggling in the water.  The child seeing the terrible plight ran to the Ferry Boat and gave the alarm, at the same time arousing Mr. Jeremiah Freear in a cottage in the yard.  In an instant he realised the danger, and rushing to the ferry saw the poor women, one still holding the bridge and the other so exhausted as to be just going under.  They were in about 10ft. of water.  He pulled Mrs. Briggs aboard, and with a deal of trouble was not long in getting Mrs. Ward out also.  They were both in a terribly prostrated condition.  A collegian also acted very bravely.  Captain Freear, of Stanground, and his granddaughter Miss Lizzie Freear, together with Mrs. Stimpson, the genial hostess, who had in the meantine arrived, were very considerate in their attentions to the unfortunate marketers, one of whom, Mrs. Briggs, was only with difficulty got to.  There is no doubt that if assistance had not been forthcoming the moment it was the accident might have resulted fatally.  The incident caused quite an excitement in the village, and the gallantry of Mr. J Freear was highly spoken of".


1891 census - Ferry Boat, Water End, Stanground, Peterborough **


Ann Stimpson Head Widow 66 (1825) Licensed Victualler (Employer) born Whittlesey, Cambs

Fanny Walker Servant single 18 (1873) Domestic Servant General born Yaxley, Hunts

1901 census - Ferry Boat Pub, Water End, Stanground, Peterborough **


John H Godfrey Head Married 29 (1872) Licenced Victualler Own Account at Home born Fletton, Hunts

Emily Godfrey Wife Married 29 (1872) born Lincoln, Lincs

Arthur W Godfrey Son 8 months (1901) born Hatfield, Herts

Elizabeth Medlock Servant 14 (1887) Nurse Maid Domestic born Stanground, Hunts

FERRY BOAT Stanground To be sold at Auction re Cha

1911 4 March - Peterborough Advertiser

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1903 - Kelly's Directory

Godfrey Frank, Ferry Boat P.H. Stanground

1911 census - Ferry Boat Inn, Stanground, Peterborough (7 rooms, 4 rooms above & 3 rooms below) **


Richard Tyers Head Married 41 (1870) Innkeeper Own Account born Stanground, Hunts

Annie Tyers Wife Married 41 (1870) Assisting in the Business born Peterborough

Frank James Beales Nephew 15 (1896) Clerk Waggon Works born Peterborough

1914 Kelly's Directory

Ferry Boat, Thomas Gorring, North Street, Stanground, Peterborough

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