Boat & Horses

North Bank

North Street


1851 census - Boat & Horses, North Bank, North Street, Croyland, Peterborough **


Thomas Chapman Head Married 62 (1789) Publican of 8 & half Acres of land born Barnack, N'ptonshire

Sarah Chapman Wife Married 58 (1793) Domestic Duties born Sleaford, Lincs

Elizabeth Hunn Sister in Law Widow 53 (1798) Laundress Visitor born Sleaford, Lincs

Francis Hunn Unmarried 17 (1834) Servant, Visitor born Boston, Lincs

George Hales Lodger Married 29 (1822) Agricultural Labourer born (not known) Norfolk

Ellen Hales Lodger Married 28 (1823) Agricutural Labourer's Wife born (not known) Rutland

Ellen Hales Lodger 15 months (1851) born Norfolk

William Bark Lodger Married 29 (1822) Songster born London, Middx

Elizabeth Bark Lodger Married 30 (1821) Songstress born London, Middx

James Harrison Lodger Unmarried 25 (1826) Navie born Penal

John Goodhall Lodger Unmarried 25 (1826) Navie born Cork, Ireland

William Ryley Lodger Unmarried 30 (1821) Navie born Liverpool, Lancs

Bridget Dowed Lodger Unmarried 18 (1833) Domestic Servant born Galway, Ireland

1861 census - Boat Beer House, North Street/Postland Road, Croyland, Peterborough **


Thomas Chapman Head Married 70 (1791) Farmer & Publican born Barnack, N'ptonshire

Sarah Chapman Wife Married 70 (1791) born Sleaford, Lincs

Thomas Chapman Grandson 9 (1852) scholar born Spalding, Lincs

John Chapman Visitor Married 44 (1817) Agricultural Labourer born Boro Fen, N'ptonshire

Mary Ann Chapman Visitor Married 28 (1833) born Spalding, Lincs

William Chapman Visitor 3 (1858) born Spalding, Lincs

James Popple Lodger Married 38 (1823) Agricultural Labourer born Croyland, Lincs

Elizabeth Popple Lodger Married 55 (1806) born Ampthill, Beds

William Popple Lodger 8 (1853) born Croyland, Lincs

Peter Wright Lodger Unmarried 32 (1829) Drover born Spilsby, Lincs

John Walker Lodger Unmarried 30 (1831) Agricultural Labourer born Burrell, Lincs

1871 census - North Bank, North Street, Crowland, Peterborough **


John Strickland Head Married 42 (1829) Publican born Crowland, Lincs

Mary Strickland Wife Married 41 (1830) born Crowland, Lincs

Annie Strickland Daughter 15 (1856) scholar born Crowland, Lincs

George Strickland Son 12 (1859) scholar born Crowland, Lincs

Marshall Strickland Son 10 (1861) scholar born Crowland, Lincs

William Cooper Lodger Unmarried 69 (1802) Hawker born Gt. Dolby, Leics

James Popple Lodger Widower 48 (1823) Labourer born Crowland, Lincs

William Popple Lodger Unmarried 18 (1853) Labourer born Crowland, Lincs

Edmond Wilson Lodger Married 40 (1831) born Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Mary Wilson Lodger Married 42 (1829) born Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Mary Wilson Lodger (daughter) 10 (1861) scholar born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

John Simpson Lodger Married 47 (1824) Agricultural Labourer born Crowland, Lincs

Robert Grant Lodger Unmarried 45 (1826) Labourer born Downham, Norfolk

John Miller Lodger Unmarried 20 (1851) born London, Middx

Charles White Lodger Unmarried 22 (1849) born Kent

Robert Wilson Lodger Unmarried 60 (1811) Labourer born Spalding, Lincs

George Walker Lodger Unmarried 35 (1836) Labourer born Gt. Norton, Hunts

Thomas Ball Lodger Unmarried 50 (1821) Labourer born Crowland, Lincs

(end of North Bank)


Note: In 1861 John Strickland was trading at the White Horse, East Street, Crowland

1869 17 September - Lincolnshire Chronicle

Heading: Crowland Petty Sessions

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Boat & Horses Lincs Chronicle 17.9.1869 Crowland P


1879 19 September - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Spalding Petty Sessions


"John Strickland of the Boat & Horses, Crowland, cautioned".

1888 21 September - Stamford Mercury

Heading: Adjourned Licensing Sessions


"The owner of the Boat & Horses, Crowland wrote stating that he did not desire the licence renewing and henceforth the place would be used as a private house."

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Note:  In 1871 Alfred Godfrey was trading at the Durham Ox, Nene Terrace, Crowland.